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Take My Heart, It Has You In It

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Al Kalbimi İçinde Sen Varsın


“Take My Heart, It Has You In It”…
 Mustafa Nafiz Karagözoğlu, who started writing this based on the phrase, “love grows as much as it is shared", says “I wanted to add some poems to the field of love of humanity".

Poem is way of sharing… We prepared lacerable, heart-shaped pages for the book. This way, the lovers will be able to share the pages filled with emotions that they find appropriate for their beloveds without damaging the other pages.


We left some poem pages empty at the end of the book so that everyone can tell about their love.  So that we all have books of our own. The reason is that we know that "The most beautiful poem ever has not been written yet"...


Another novelty is on the cover of our book. This page is like a photograph frame. This way the lovers will be able to keep the love of their beloved in their hearts and stick the photographs of their beloveds on the cover and keep them by their side all the time.


“Take My Heart, It Has You In It” is comprised of thirty poems… The thing that differentiates the humans from the other living things is their right to choose.  Choosing to love, choosing the love and the beloved, this is the thing that makes us human. We wanted to contribute to this divine emotion.  We know this very well: "the humans are humane as much as they love".


We couldn’t find another example that is similar to this book in terms of neither the cover design nor the page structure.  We hope to add functionality and some difference in the world of "Poem Books" with these characteristics of the book.

Cover: Prepared in the form of a photograph frame on which you can stick the photographs of your beloved.


The pages of the book:  “Heart”-shaped, perforated pages that you can tear and give to your beloved.  Empty poem pages at the end of the book



Title of the Book: Al Kalbimi İçinde Sen Varsın – Take My Heart, It Has You In It

Poet: Mustafa Nafiz Karagözoğlu

Cover Design: Murat Kars- Murat Çavdar

Date of Publication: February 2009 
Isbn: 978-975-01780-6-1

Barcode: 9 789750 178061

Number of Pages: 80

Dimensions:  14.50 x 22 cm 

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