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Super Puzzles & Brain Teasers 5

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A new book in “Super Puzzles & Brain Teasers" series...

With Super Puzzles, you will make your brain more active, you will be curious and you will enjoy reaching the solution.
In our book you will find various puzzles, word hunt games, surprising riddles, exciting tests, memory games, brain teasers and logic games.
You will do a serious amount of brain gym thanks to Super Puzzles. We aim at adding new words to your vocabulary during the time that you travel, rest or when you get bored... We also give solutions for the parts in which you are confused.


Thanks to Super Puzzles you can: 


1- Develop your attention skills,

2- Be solution oriented,

3- Increase your reading speed,

4- Improve your hand-eye coordination,

5- Reduce the risk of age-associated memory loss.
This way you will activate 5 basic functions of your brain.  In addition to that, you will think faster and you will improve your attention, memory, language skills, visual and spatial intelligence and your skill of logical reasoning.


Title of the Book: Super Puzzles & Brain Teasers
Prepared by: Ahmet Ayyıldız
Cover Design: Deniz Karatağ 
Date Publication: March 2011 
Issn: 1309-4165
Barcode: 9 771309 416021
Number of Pages: 128 
Dimensions: 15 x 23 cm 



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