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Boutique Hotels Book 2011

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“Boutique Hotels Book 2011”, the book that gives a new meaning to the understanding of holiday, is now put on sale…


In this guide you will find friendly atmospheres where you will be able to stay with your family, friend group, or freely by yourself, running away from the crowd of the big hotels and where you will feel like home. 


“Boutique Hotels Book 2011”, the guide of the holiday enthusiasts who would like to experience the peace and fun at the same time, has been published.


Grup Yayıncılık, which searches for the most special boutique hotels in Turkey since the year 2006 with its constantly renewed content, is now on the store shelves with its new edition.


We are honored to reach much more people thanks to our web site on the address:


This guide includes 249 diligently chosen facilities, which have all the characteristics looked for a perfect holiday for each and every one of the readers, grouped according to the holiday regions.  The guide renders making a choice easier with detailed information about the region and explains all the issues about the hotels that the readers are curious about with a simple and friendly style.  “Boutique Hotels Book 2011” answers all kinds of questions with the detailed information that it gives including number of rooms, prices, menu and internet service. 

Grup Yayıncılık will give away PRESTIGE CARD, which has become a classic for “Boutique Hotels Book” and which provides different amounts of discounts in hotels. This way your holiday dream will come true in the most advantageous way.

With the options that it offers, that appeal to everyone, every taste and every budget, “Boutique Hotels Book" is a guide that the ones who will determine the routes for their holidays will not put down.  As Grup Yayıncılık, we aim at describing the hotels in the heaven-like regions of our country, which will make your holiday unforgettable with their special styles, original architectures, breathtaking views, and romantic atmosphere. In “Boutique Hotels Book 2011” you will find the hotels which meet all kinds of expectations, offer peace and fun at the same time and which will satisfy everyone from free spirit explorers to those who seek a romantic holiday. 

We tested the hotels by inspecting every detail of and staying in the hotels that are different from the others with their sea, pool, beaches, tolerant and friendly personnel and unique understandings of fun and rest. Now we share with you our impressions and the satisfying experience that we had with the most beautiful photographs.



Title of the Book: Boutique Hotels Book 2011
Editor & Author: Bülent Ülger - Mürsel Sezen
Cover Design: Ömer Uludağ
Date of Publication: May 2011 
Isbn: 978-605-5433-34-5
Barcode: 9 786055 433345

Number of Pages: 444
Dimensions: 12 x 22 cm 
Turkish & English


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