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Boutique Hotels Book 2010

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The Best Seller Holiday Guide of Turkey, “Boutique Hotels Book 2010" - Now on Sale


 In the 4th edition with improved content, you will find nearly 250 exquisite hotels including the hotels that are added recently in one book.



A book that those who want a simple holiday won't put down


As a result of our diligent work, you will be able to see and compare the adorable family business facilities that give VIP service in Turkey.


We have the honor to reach much more people thanks to our web-site 


We explained everything in a simple language in the guide that we prepared for those who say "I want to have a simple holiday”.   We checked the information and photographs about the facilities and regions and we maximized them and made them more accessible and presented them to you.

 With “Boutique Hotels Book” Grup Yayıncılık will give away Prestige Card that provided the readers with discounts of various rates in the hotels last year. Grup will also give away easy transportation map with the book and it gives information about the cultural trips peculiar to the region that you will go to, recommendations and alternatives for food and beverages to the finest details in the book. If you haven’t decided yet, allow us to mention here that the hotels in the 2010 edition of “Boutique Hotels Book", which drew interest in both Turkey and the foreign countries and which includes all the information that you need to go on a holiday that you dream of, were chosen among the special facilities in the heaven-like regions of our country, where the owners deal with their guests in person. With this guide book published by Grup Yayıncılık, in addition to your holiday, you will also go and explore surrounding areas and make unbelievable discoveries. Our aim is to leave unforgettable memories in the minds of our readers with a holiday in a distant but perfect nature and excellent services instead of the memory of crowded places.


For this we explored every region inch by inch, it was almost a scan. We found the facilities in by-streets, on the top of a hill or in an isolated bay. We stayed in these facilities and we tested the facility in relation to all of the details.  We compiled the impressions that we got and the nice experience we had there.  The result?  “Boutique Hotels Book 2010” – Now on sale with its renewed and improved edition…



Title of the Book: Boutique Hotels Book 2010

Editor & Author:  Bülent Ülger

Cover Design: Ömer Uludağ

Date of Publication: May 2010 
Isbn: 978-975-01780-7-8

Barcode: 9 789750 178078

Number of Pages: 444

Dimensions:  12 x 22 cm 

Turkish & English


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