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Super Puzzles & Brain Teasers 7

Super Puzzles & Brain Teasers 7

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Boutique Hotels Book 2011

Boutique Hotels Book 2011

        “Boutique Hotels Book 2011”, the book that gives a new meaning to the understanding of holiday, is now put on sale…   In this guide you will find friendly atmospheres where you will be able to stay with your family, friend group, or freely by yourself, running away from the crowd of the big hotels and where you will feel like home.        ...More »



Boutique Hotels Book 2008

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Butik Oteller Kitabı 2008

This book has been prepared for the ones who look for alternative holidays, those who want to avoid the crowd of the big hotels and those who prefer small and friendly accommodation facilities.


Your reference book for holidays that you will not be able to put down...


The book includes the descriptions of 189 facilities in total with 5 to 30 rooms for the ones who want to go on a holiday with their family, friends, their beloveds or freely by themselves and who like feeling they are home. There are also descriptions of the region for the explorers. Grup Yayıncılık will give away PRESTIGE CARD, which gives discounts of different rates in hotels to the readers of Boutique Hotels Book, just like it did last year. Grup Yayıncılık chose 189 hotels with original styles, different decorations, historical and natural identity, fresh and organic food, breathtaking views and location, cats-dogs-ducks-horses, unparalleled understanding of entertainment and rest, warm and friendly personnel for those who want to have an unforgettable holiday. One of the most important novelties in the new book is that it gives small hints that will make your life easier in the regions and the hotels that you go to. 


BOUTIQUE HOTELS BOOK 2008 was made more practical with “maps” and “region entries” in order to make the access easier to the regions of hotels. BOUTIQUE HOTELS BOOK 2008, which also includes region-specific cultural trips, food and beverage recommendations and comments that can be alternative, has managed  to alienate the understanding of holiday from big hotels and crowded holiday villages and it appeals to those who want to feel "special" and “not lost” in these boutique accommodation facilities.



Title of the Book: Boutique Hotels Book 2008

Editor & Author:  İlknur Ardıç

Cover Design: Tuncay Yılmaz

Date of Publication: May 2008 
Isbn: 978-975-01780-1-6

Barcode: 9 789750 178016

Number of Pages: 440

Dimensions:  12 x 22 cm 

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