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Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011

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Your hotel will be small but your joy will be great with "Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011”

 The third issue of “The Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011”, published by Grup Yayıncılık, which is the publisher of   “Boutique Hotels Guide”, is the only resource that comes to mind as a holiday guide and it is now on store shelves.

If you also are bored of the multi-starred, crowded hotels, the time has come to stay with affordable prices in adorable, small hotels located in a great nature with 5 to 15 rooms.  In "Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011", you will find the family businesses that aim at making their guests feel they are home and that value the comfort and happiness of their guests above everything.


If you choose one of these facilities, you will enjoy staying in the diligently constructed structures with original architectural styles in the heaven-like corners in various regions of Turkey and at the same time you will enjoy the green and the blue and meet the nature. As Grup Yayıncılık, we aim at revolutionizing the stereotyped understanding of holiday with “Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011” and we also would like to underline the fact that you will be a regular of this new world that you will discover.


We included many businesses that have many alternatives that will appeal to both the ones wishing to rest and the souls that wish to explore and not be too connected to the hotel in "Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011". We prepared a content that will appeal to every taste, that will give answer to all the requests and all kinds of questions and we added many beautiful photographs in order to be explicative.
We also gave discount coupons in the book to make an additional contribution to your budget from the accommodation houses that appeal to your budget and your soul.  This way, your will be the guests of the original hotels, bungalows, pensions, mountain and highland houses, hostels and guest houses that make a strong impression with both their architecture and decoration in “Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011”, with much more advantageous conditions.


If you are tired of the crowd of the big cities, go and enjoy your holidays in the warm, friendly, modest and comfortable family businesses where you will find peace.  Meet organic flavors that will remain on your palate, sparkling seas and beaches and turn your holiday into an unforgettable memory.
As Grup Yayıncılık, we are very happy to present you our third edition of “Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011”, the guide of the ones who look for alternative holidays.  


Title of the Book: Alternative Accommodation Houses 2011

Publisher:  Grup Yayıncılık
Editor & Author: Bülent Ülger Number of Pages: 240
12x22 cm
Turkish & English
Date of Publication: July 2011
ISBN:  978-605-5433-36-9
Barcode: 9 786055 433369
Price: 16,00 TL

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