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Alaçatı Guide 2011

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You will discover Alaçatı, the most popular holiday destination lately, with "Alaçatı Guide 2011"

 If you still have not been to Alaçatı, one of the most popular holiday destinations in both Turkey and the world, start this pr ocess with "ALAÇATI GUIDE 2011".


In this guide that was prepared in Turkish and English, we made our research about tens of boutique hotels that appeal to all kinds of tastes for you.


With “ALAÇATI GUIDE 2011”, you will have a detailed list of the restaurants that will liven up your palate and all the information that you are curious about from the history of the region to the surfing centers.

In this guide you will discover the transportation and geography of the region from the maps very easily. The guide also gives the addresses for food and beverage and gives information about the windsurfing centers, the places to visit in the region, the activities, the cultural and artistic life and the opportunities for shopping in Alaçatı in detail.   Along with the descriptions of these dazzling places and natural beauty, we adorned the pages with the most detailed photographs so that we do not have only your imagination to do the entire job for you.   This way we aimed at shedding light on all issues that you are curious about.

Published by Grup Yayıncılık, the publisher of “Boutique Hotels Book" and “Accommodation Houses Book”, this guide touches upon every detail about the region including the history of Alaçatı, the current accommodation and entertainment facilities in the region, the famous windmills, the mythological legends, the places to visit and the authentic dishes.   

You will be completely satisfied with your discovery of Alaçatı and your holiday with “ALAÇATI GUIDE 2011”


About Alaçatı:

It is an adorable town that shows the past to the present with all its naturalness. It is famous for its nearly 90 boutique hotels, masonry houses with oriel windows, narrow streets with cobblestone pavement, its restaurants decorated faithful to local architecture of the region, its cafe-bars, beaches and beach clubs and the organizations that endear the Windsurfing sport to the Turkish society and that host the World and European championships of Windsurf.



Title of the Book: Alaçatı Guide 2011
Publisher: Grup Yayıncılık
Editors: Bülent Ülger Number of Pages: 276
Dimensions: 12 cm x 22 cm
Language: Turkish & English
Date of Publication: May 2011
ISBN:  978-605-5433-35-2

Barcode: 9 786055 433352
Price: 16 TL
Date of Distribution: May 24, 2011 

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