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Accommodation Houses 2010

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Another reference book from Grup Yayıncılık after "Boutique Hotels Book"


A good alternative for adventurous souls that are bored of multi-starred hotels…


“ACCOMODATION HOUSES 2010” has established a good place in the eyes of the readers in relation to the current holiday trends and made a great impression in the visual and printed media.

With Accommodation Houses book that achieves a first in its own track, Grup Yayıncılık aimed at giving the alternative holiday opportunities in one book for the adventurous souls that are bored of the multi-starred hotels.


In “ACCOMMODATION HOUSES 2010”, you will find tens of holiday options compiled from family business facilities that appeal to your budget and your soul.


In "ACCOMODATION HOUSES 2010", you will find the heavens in our country that remained unknown, the facilities in these heaven-like regions that offer you ecologic and natural nutrition opportunity and the facilities which make more of resting than just eating and drinking...


In this guide, you will have the chance to compare the really warm, friendly, modest and just as comfortable family businesses that adapt the slogan "your hotel is your house" for their guests.


In "ACCOMMODATION HOUSES 2010", you will get to know the facilities where the Anatolian Civilizations are reflected on the architectural structures and you will have an unforgettable holiday.

Vacationers and explorers loved this book very much.

Now with this excitement we meet our readers once more with "ACCOMMODATION HOUSES 2010".



Title of the Book: Accommodation Houses 2010
Editor & Author: Sinani Yıldırım

Cover Design: Recep Ünal 
Date of Publication: July 2010 
Isbn: 978-975-01780-9-2

Barcode: 9 789750 178092

Number of Pages: 300

Dimensions:  12 x 22 cm 


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