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The Captain’s Daughter

The Captain’s Daughter

    The Captain’s Daughter   Puşkin   The struggle of two men in love with the same woman… ...More »

Boutique Hotels Book 2007

Boutique Hotels Book 2007

      It is a real resource that everyone should read before going on a holiday or business trip.   “Where should I go this summer?" "Where can I find the comfort of my home in my business trips?"     ...More »




Dear Readers,

We are "old colleagues” who have spent many years in tourism, publishing and media sectors. We have not yet lost our excitement and came together under the name Grup Yayıncılık.

As Grup Yayıncılık, we continue to make our effort to offer you the better and the more beautiful in the 5th year after our foundation and we take great pleasure doing this!

We are happy to offer you novels, youth and entertainment books as well as the holiday guides "Boutique Hotels Book” and “Accommodation Houses” that a great number of people in Turkey prefer.

The distance that we traveled for the travel books is nearly as long as the Equator line. We are happy to reach an important position in the market with the hotels in our book and the advantages provided by the prestige card.


{0>Bir rehber niteliği taşıyan gezi kitaplarımızı yayınlamamızın sebebi; tatil köyleri ve 5 yıldızlı otellerden hoşlanmayan, doğal yaşamı özleyen kitleye kaynak olmaktı… Konumlarıyla, çevresiyle, sıcaklığıyla, sunduğu olanaklarla veya sadece deniz kenarında, enfes bir doğal çevrenin içinde yer almasıyla hoşunuza gidecek otellere yer verdik.<}0{>The reason that we publish our travel books is to offer reference books for the people who do not like the holiday villages and 5 star hotels and who miss the natural life. In our books we included hotels that will appeal to you with their location, surrounding area, warmth, the means that they provide or that will appeal to you just for the fact that they are located by the sea in a spectacular natural environment.


With the addresses below, we made it easy for you to contact us and to find these adorable natural places: <0}


On the other hand we have romance, adventure, thriller and detective novels that New York Times launches to the world market as “Best Sellers” in our publications.  As Grup Yayıncılık, we will continue to publish our novels that we translate diligently.

You can find all of our publications in all large book stores, newsstands, on the internet - one click far from you- and even in large café chains and the famous cafés.

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